Keynote Speakers 

Caldwell Esselstyn, MD

Suzanne Somers*

"A New Way to Age"“Bombshell” Suzanne Somers will share her secrets for defying the aging process.  Join her campaign to challenge conventional wisdom.  Learn how you can feel younger and more vibrant while gaining energy.  Share in her enlightened journey to achieve health and a new way to age.
*live via SKYPE

JJ Virgin

Mark Hyman, MD

"Why are we Hungry? The Biology of Food Addiction"
Are you eating foods that trigger hunger, induce food cravings and lead to obesity and diabetes?  Dr. Hyman will share his program to help balance your biochemistry and curb your hunger so you’ll lose your cravings, drop unwanted pounds and feel great everyday.

Jeffrey M. Smith

T Colin Campbell, PhD

"Changing Our Diet and Health Paradigm"
Dr. Campbell’s recognized nutrition protocol prevents disease and treats existing ailments. More efficacious than the usual prescription of pills and procedures in traditional medicine, it elucidates fundamental principles that should be at the forefront of today’s best practices.

Featured Speakers 

Allan Magaziner, DO

Allan Magaziner, DO

"Inflammation: Is Your Body on Fire?"

Inflammation is at the forefront of many chronic diseases facing Americans today.  Dr. Magaziner will present his program for putting out the fire and reducing inflammation in your body.  Learn to prevent and even reverse many common ailments that may be smoldering inside.

Scott Greenberg, MD

Scott Greenberg, MD

"Stem Cells and the Future of Regenerative Medicine "

Dr. Greenberg will discuss his extraordinary journey from injury and chronic pain to health and wellness. As he reviews some of his most remarkable cases, you will learn about new advances in stem cell regeneration and discover promising new treatments on the medical horizon.

Stuart Freedenfeld, MD

Michael Smith, MD

"Paving the Way for Personalized Medicine"

What is personalized medicine and does it represent a paradigm shift in our approach to medicine?  Dr. Smith will cover current trends in personalized medicine, helping patients move from a complicated system of sick care to a delivery program of simple and true health care.

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